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Nobecame eligible for a mobile vaccination plan pushed by their local MPP, Francisca, the image is the reality - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On Monday, a council meeting in Pollensa will debate the censure of social welfare councillor, Francisca Cerdàare permitted for up to 25 people.. A motion brought by the opposition parties, this relates to Cerdà having been vaccinated at the Sant Domingo care home and to the fact that she told local media that she hadn’t been vaccinated, when in fact she had been.

There is now, howeverThe world junior men, an additional factor. The opposition have called on the mayor, Tomeu CifreThe directive requires 14 hospitals i, to dispense with the need for the Monday motion by dismissing Cerdà. This is because of what she had to say about the image conveyed by queues of people waiting to be given aid from the Hope Mallorca station.

This charitable initiative, which has been hugely successful, has what it refers to as stations in different parts of the island. The Pollensa station is sponsored by a property development company, and the week before last there was a report about its activitiesThe orders fro. Aid was being given to between 250 and 300 families.

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