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Shen Genlian, the founder of Huanlong group, had a discussion with he Langming, the Consul General of Finland in Shanghai. Release date: Source: Huanlong group

on September 21, 2020, Shen Genlian, the founder of Huanlong group, connected the domestic mold machinery and 5 gold plastic industries with the technology of the same industry worldwide. Li Congfeng, the CEO of Huanlong new materials, had a discussion with PASI Hellman, the Consul General of Finland in Shanghai

the two sides had a frank and pragmatic exchange of views on the implementation of the cooperation agreement between Huanlong new materials and the Finnish National Technical Research Center (VTT), combined with the current situation of epidemic control, and clarified the common firm confidence and solid progress

in November 2019, under the witness of the Finnish embassy in China and the relevant municipal and county governments of Sichuan Province, Huanlong new materials signed a cooperation agreement with the Finnish National Technical Research Center (VTT) on the full price utilization of bamboo biomass, and timely launched the basic work such as architecture design, R & D team formation, project implementation roadmap and so on. The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a great impact on the promotion of the project, and has received the attention and concern of the competent departments of both parties

Consul general he Langming fully affirmed the cooperation project and progress between Huanlong new materials and VTT of Finland. He believes that Finland is a country with innovation awareness and ability, with scientific and effective innovation mechanism, a series of R & D teams, a large number of excellent scientists and high-tech talents. Finland's biomass refining, biomedicine and health product technology, precision manufacturing and other fields are at the world's leading level. He sincerely expressed that he was willing to try his best to coordinate resources in this regard, help the cooperation projects of both sides achieve results, and was willing to put forward suggestions for project cooperation in other fields in China

chairman Shen Genlian systematically and comprehensively introduced the distribution of global bamboo resources, the planting, production, development and utilization of different regions, especially the dominant position of Chinese bamboo resources in the world; The R & D, production and market expansion of "banbu" natural color bamboo pulp household series paper are described in detail. Banbu advocates the concept of simple and moderate healthy life, adheres to the values of maintaining the ecological balance of nature and sustainable development, and has been fully affirmed and highly appreciated by consul general he Langming, which is completely consistent with the long-term development practice of Finland and the global environment and development strategy. 3. Mobile beam and driving mechanism:

Finland's economy is developing well, the control of the COVID-19 is improving, the economic and social operation order is gradually restored, the leading industries and backbone enterprise groups speed up the resumption of work and production, and the cooperation fields and space with China are further expanded. He Langming always uses the connected putter to promote the force instigator consul to express his confidence in the future

Both sides agreed that we should work together to make full use of information technology, big data, IOT and other technologies to overcome and make up for the adverse effects of the epidemic

Liu Tianxiang, director of Greater China of the investment agency of the Finnish National Bureau for the promotion of Commerce, and GUI Yingying, senior investment adviser, attended the meeting

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