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The spring exhibition of 2017 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI forum will be held in Beijing from March 23 to 24. This conference will focus on shaping the future technology and improving the communication experience. It will focus on enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture and other topics, and show a variety of cutting-edge technologies, Continue to promote the development of ICT industry and timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development. Sheng Kai, director of small I robot channel business development, will attend the meeting and deliver a keynote speech. Major automakers are launching an innovative cargo space, "the era of intelligent robots has arrived", speech time: March 23 (Thursday) 15:: 40

for details, please refer to the official of the conference: training industrial development and improvement service platform 2017/ccec20017spring/ml

Introduction to Sheng Kai, director of channel business development of small I robot.

once worked in Avaya, Huaxun and other well-known manufacturers, held management positions for many years, had many years of practical experience in the field of call centers, and held leadership positions in sales, pre-sales, after-sales and other positions. Now, he is the director of channel business development of small I robot nationwide

introduction to small I robot

small I robot (it is the world's leading provider of intelligent robot platform and architecture, with the world's most advanced Chinese intelligent human-machine dialogue engine. It is at the forefront of the industry in AI related technologies, such as natural language processing, semantic analysis and understanding, knowledge engineering and intelligent big data. It has established a complete architecture including semantic understanding, knowledge representation, machine learning and reasoning prediction, as well as BOT development framework, and has launched applications in many fields Intelligent virtual/physical robot solutions for industries and fields

xiaoi has the world's largest BOT commercial application. Its business heating chips are installed in the body, neck and head, covering many industries such as communication, finance, e-government, e-commerce, smart appliances and automotive transportation, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Haier, Samsung, SF, general motors, Wanda Group China's customs and other large and medium-sized enterprises and governments provide services to more than 500million users

the intelligent robot cloud operating system IBOT OS, which is independently developed by xiaoi robot and has independent intellectual property rights, can be applied to commercial entity service robots, virtual assistants, children's Encyclopedia platforms, intelligent central control modules, intelligent wearable devices, ar/vr, intelligent household appliances, etc., providing the ability to quickly access the cloud intelligent brain for all kinds of robots, intelligent hardware and traditional manufacturing industries, The end of the application of the real spring tension and compression testing machine should cover the extension of the robot service from virtual to physical

According to Gartner report, in the field of global intelligent robots, there are two robots representing the highest level, one is Watson of IBM, and the other is small I robot. Tom Austin, the leading analyst of global intelligent robots, commented that the technology and products of small I robots are the most cutting-edge and can be ranked among the top in the world

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