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BICES 2021 exhibitor style Shell industrial lubricant

BICES 2021 exhibitor style Shell industrial lubricant

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shell, a global energy and chemical company, has entered China for more than 120 years and adheres to the concept of taking root in China and serving China. Shell hopes to become the most popular energy supplier and partner in China, Use more clean energy to contribute to China's sustainable economic development and drive development and progress

as one of the largest lubricant suppliers and producers in the world, shell hopes to become the most investment worthy company in the global energy industry, meet the society's demand for cleaner, more convenient and more competitive energy, and win over energy transformation

shell's long-term goal is to reduce the net carbon footprint of energy products sold by 65% by 2050

according to the report of Kline company, an independent third-party global consulting and research company, shell lubricant has been the world's largest seller for 14 consecutive years since 2006

brand introduction:

Shell industrial lubricants are divided into key account team and channel sales team, and their business mainly covers a full range of industrial lubricant products and business and technical services. Shell industrial lubricants are mainly divided into two categories: lubricants and greases, with a total of nine brands, covering: wind, which will also give the extruder industry endless development power industry, general industry, business transportation industry, mining and cement industry, steel industry, automobile parts industry, construction machinery industry, etc

in 2016, it took the lead in launching shell special oil for construction machinery, developed customized lubrication products for construction machinery, and opened a new chapter in the lubrication and maintenance of construction machinery

2018 is in line with the times. After service and product upgrading, it can also be equipped with ordinary computer level. Through online communication and the combination of offline services, a huge wave has emerged in the industry - Hero Club - Heroes travel all over the country

2019 heavy release of rolling friction, that is, we often say the new brand slogan of rolling friction - "exclusive protection, build a great project"

pay tribute to the hard work of construction machinery practitioners. With the leading development process from imitation to independent renovation, product services and innovative market activities, we provide "exclusive protection" for the equipment and contribute to "building a great project"

in 2020, facing the challenge of the epidemic, we will move forward side by side, overcome difficulties, rise to the trend, and effectively help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency with the power of digitalization and ingenious service spirit

in 2021, shell special oil for construction machinery will combine industry forces and build thousands of core stores through a stable dealer network to provide end customers with the most comprehensive one-stop and standardized services, effectively and quickly explore the future market and create a new benchmark for oil replacement services for construction machinery

shell construction machinery special oil slogan: exclusive protection professional oil change

main products and services Introduction:

shell construction machinery special oil provides lubrication solutions for construction machinery, and is committed to providing digital and efficient oil change vehicles and other services, providing more convenient and efficient services and high-quality products, helping machinery to reduce costs and increase efficiency

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