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Samsung exhibited organic EL TV made by printing method

Samsung Electronics of South Korea exhibited the use for printing [a 19 inch organic EL panel TV prototype made by the law.

the TV adopts an active matrix organic EL panel made by the ink-jet method. The number of pixels is 960 pixels, 540 pixels, about 1/4 of the full HD pixels. The methods often used by the fine friction and wear experimental machine for pixels to measure the friction force or friction torque are mechanical method and electrical method. The fineness is 58ppi, the brightness is 200cd/m2. It has 8-bit gray scale, the number of display colors is 16.77 million, and the color table The current rate is 62%. As for the planned production time, the company said that the technology was still under development and did not disclose the details

in terms of organic EL panels manufactured by inkjet method, Seiko Epson has disclosed a 14 inch panel based on the above H0 as the sample, which is highly dependent on the Dongfeng method in this report. The panel has a fineness of 60ppi, a 6-bit gray scale, and a brightness of 100cd/m2

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