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Samsung has signed an exclusive agreement with ultra-thin glass suppliers to develop future foldable products

Samsung has signed an exclusive agreement with dowoo insis on ultra-thin glass (UTG), which will be used in future foldable products. Exclusivity means that dowoo only sells UTG to Samsung and no one else

at present, the company can produce about 500000 products per month. It is believed that the thickness of this glass is less than 100? m. May be as thin as 30? M (smaller than human hair). Nevertheless, it is at least more elastic than the polyamide plastic used in the current Galaxy fold, at least in terms of scratching

as part of the exclusive deal, dowoo insis has received 12billion won from Samsung venture capital. It is believed that the contract is medium-term and long-term. Samsung is considering injecting more cash into dowoo and generally conducting three kinds of pressure experiments: in order to expand production capacity (by strengthening existing Korean factories and establishing new factories in Vietnam)

it is reported that Samsung plans to sell millions of foldable units next year. For the purpose of crushing the test block, dowoo should be able to provide enough UTG panels. However, according to practical work experience, if the foldable shape is realized in the way Samsung hopes, it will need more supply in the next few years, especially when accumulating inventory for the launch of new models. When choosing an electronic universal experimental machine, you don't have to worry about other companies buying dowoo's panels

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