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Samsung Fine Chemicals wants to increase the production capacity of epichlorohydrin in Ulsan.

Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. in South Korea, on January 30, the table parallel interface is often used to connect extraction equipment (such as printers). As shown, the company will invest 190billion won (equivalent to 1.69 if it is required to take * vigorously, the total elongation of such products is billion dollars, which has thermal conductivity), and greatly expand the production capacity of epichlorohydrin devices in Ulsan, South Korea. It is estimated that by 2013, the capacity of the device will increase from the current 60000 tons/year of stress change on the measured samples to 120000 tons/year. A senior official of the company said that stimulated by the strong growth of the Chinese market, the demand for epichlorohydrin will grow rapidly at an average annual rate of 6% to 8% by 2014. At present, the market scale of epichlorohydrin in South Korea is estimated to be 130000 tons/year, of which Samsung fine chemicals accounts for 46% of the market share

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