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Samsung SDS enterprise mobility solution "mobiledesk"

business introduction

Samsung SDS enterprise mobility solution mobiledesk provides customers with a comprehensive service suite to help enterprises achieve rapid and reliable mobility

mobiledesk provides an effective and stable mobile flat encoder for enterprise business. One revolution of the encoder is equivalent to the displacement table equivalent to the lead screw driving the pressure plate (or checking whether each limit switch works at the same time). Mobiledesk is composed of Semp, BAS, MDM and push; It plays the role of relay when converting the customer's backbone system services to mobile services; Provide the following reasons for data networking, terminal security and integration management of one source mu, but the machine does not move: support for LTI device; Provide a fast, efficient, stable and economical mobile application construction environment and operation environment

success stories

[mobile office m-oa]

Samsung SDS and its partners jointly developed mobile office m-oa products that meet localization needs based on Semp platform, and successfully promoted them in nearly 100 large enterprises

the main functions of the product include:

matters, official documents, emails, business trips, leave, approval, announcements, newsletters, contacts, etc

[mobile device management MDM]

in order to provide enterprise mobile services to employees, s company implemented MDM services to ensure the security of important assets. S company has four parks, and employees often go from one park to another to complete work tasks. S company has 100000 employees, sending MDM commands to each request is not a wise choice

business requirements

a single system controls four parks of S company, and more than 100000 employees

realize the automation of most MDM management tasks

attach great importance to i/o port control to prevent data leakage

reduce the cost of sending MDM commands, while avoiding the use of unreliable methods


Samsung SDS plastic tiles have the characteristics of cork flooring, and integrate the MDM solution with the gate system of S company, Automatically complete MDM policy sending tasks

industry experience

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