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Samsung will learn from Chinese brands' adoption of three camera design and off screen fingerprint technology

Samsung smart is still a shipping giant in the global market, but it has encountered strong sniping from Chinese brands in the Chinese market and emerging markets. In addition to political factors and cost performance, Chinese brand manufacturers, based on a strong local supply chain, apply some new technologies, such as camera technology and biometric technology, at a faster speed in the design that affects the user experience to attract consumers to buy their products, which is also an important reason for Samsung's defeat in the competitive model

however, at the previous Samsung note9 press conference, Samsung seems to have exposed the off screen fingerprint technology of subsequent products. When Samsung CEO DJ KOH introduced the Samsung Knox mobile security solution, the slide behind him showed the UI interface of Knox, showing that a user's finger was pressing on the screen to unlock his fingerprint, and there was an operation prompt of "use fingerprint to unlock"

according to the information of Samsung spoilers, the industrial chain dug deep and found that the American Samsung official also released the picture, which can be more clearly seen that it does say that the fingerprint under the screen is unlocked. According to the news from the supply chain, Samsung hopes that on the next generation model S10, the measured output signal of the amplifier unit will change linearly. Using the ultrasonic off screen fingerprint technology developed by Samsung, it has verified the components of relevant manufacturers, and is actively compiling its own off screen fingerprint security software

in addition, sunrise display and touch found that in order to regain market share in China, Samsung has asked Chinese smart ODM manufacturers to design their Chinese customized Galaxy a series products according to the preferences and needs of Chinese consumers. In addition to continuing to use Samsung's 3D glass appearance design elements and OLED display technology, Samsung will also adopt the three camera design on the new galaxy a series aircraft launched next year, and add the off screen fingerprint unlocking function. At the same time, most parts and components including these two functions will be placed in China and produced by Chinese manufacturers, In order to improve the application of Samsung's mid-range products, the unique combination of the two constantly promotes the competitiveness of the Chinese market in economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress

since last year, the top Android brand manufacturers in the world, including Chinese brands, except Samsung, have increased the layout and procurement of ODM models, in order to increase their market share of 1000 yuan in the global market in addition to reducing operating costs. In addition, for some models with difficult design or processing technology, we are also slowly turning to ODM manufacturers to implement, with the same purpose of reducing costs

previously, Mr. Li Zaiyong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, visited China and conducted an in-depth investigation on the Chinese market. He comprehensively understood and analyzed the reasons why domestic brand intelligence can not only have the advantage of low price, but also provide excellent quality, thus forming Samsung's future development and procurement strategy in the Chinese market

according to sources close to Samsung, in the Chinese market in the future, except for high-end flagship models, other middle and low-level intelligent product series of Samsung are likely to adopt the mode of design and production by Chinese ODM manufacturers, including hardware and software, all of which adopt Chinese localized ODM design. In addition to saving hardware design and production costs, Samsung's move is more to make products more suitable for China's local software operation, and also meet the software and information regulatory requirements of the Chinese market

at present, Chinese ODM manufacturers are promoting the use of three in one camera design in three camera design, that is, with the help of three cameras with different characteristics (such as wide-angle and telephoto) to provide better photographic effects. In fact, Samsung is also developing three camera technology, and will also be applied to its next generation s series. However, due to the use of components produced by Samsung itself, and the algorithm is also written by Samsung itself, it is not clear for the time being which camera technology will be used in the three camera Design on the S series

according to the news from the supply chain, Chinese component manufacturers have not given up competing for product orders because Samsung's current market share is too small. In terms of the three camera design, a source told the newspaper that sunny optics has received an order for the camera module of Samsung ODM model. The design, specification and software algorithm of the product are completely consistent with the needs of Chinese brand manufacturers

in terms of off screen fingerprints, Samsung did not promote its technology on ODM models, and also adopted the mature supply chain of Chinese ODM manufacturers in the early stage. According to the information from the supply chain, Chinese ODM manufacturers will apply the low-cost off-screen optical fingerprint technology to Samsung models, and huiding's mature scheme may be the first to be applied

in addition to huiding, Taiwan aegis has also been sending samples of off screen optical fingerprint identification products to Samsung's global hardware development team. Samsung recently reorganized the global hardware development team, and its main work has been changed to be responsible for the global production and technology of the wireless Department turtle tail factory, as well as the development of medium and low-end models other than the Galaxy S and note series

in terms of capacitive fingerprint identification scheme, aegis has previously won most orders for Samsung's medium and low-end models. Aegis products adopt an open architecture design, which can be compatible with the information security regulatory requirements around the world, so that Samsung's medium and low-end products can be sold on the global market

however, after Samsung adopted the ODM OEM strategy in the Chinese market, the outside world expressed doubts about whether aegis could compete with huiding and obtain orders from Samsung's middle and low-end in the Chinese market. In fact, it is not only aegis, but also Xinsi, which cooperates closely with Samsung. The outside world also believes that it is more difficult to get this part of the order

at the same time, it is also reported that if Samsung adopts the OEM mode of Chinese ODM manufacturers and succeeds in the market of Chinese building exterior window insulation performance classification and testing method gb/t 8484 ⑵ 002, it is likely to compete directly with Chinese brands in the Indian market in the future. Samsung will also adopt the same strategy, and Chinese ODM manufacturers will design, purchase and produce it, so as to compete with domestic brand intelligence in the Indian market

at present, the models equipped with off-screen fingerprint technology, although the matching OLED display screen is basically purchased from Samsung, but in terms of fingerprint hardware, most of them are designed and produced by Chinese brand manufacturers, and are actively promoting cooperation and certification with Chinese industry application software manufacturers to provide data interface and biometric information sharing for relevant off-screen fingerprint technology. Therefore, in order to deal with this specific market in China, Samsung, It is indeed wise to adopt ODM OEM strategy

Samsung recently closed its production base in Tianjin, China. People close to Samsung said that this part of closed capacity will be the first capacity filled by Chinese ODM manufacturers. According to sunrise display and touch, the production capacity of Samsung's Tianjin production base is about 30 to 40 million units. Because Samsung's sales in the Chinese market are relatively sluggish, this factory has not reached full capacity for a long time

at present, the three camera design in the market is basically proposed and led by Chinese brand manufacturers, and the relevant application software has also been verified by the market, but there is still a lot of room for further application scenario expansion, so Samsung and apple are increasing their research and development efforts in this area, and hope to configure it on their next generation of high-end models

however, in terms of off screen fingerprint technology, due to the global production capacity of intelligent OLED screens, Samsung basically controlled it before. In fact, Samsung has more technology accumulation in off screen fingerprint technology than the industry. However, due to the lack of a unified security standard for off screen fingerprint technology, Samsung has not launched relevant models in order to cope with the global market. Samsung's next step is to launch its own designed off-screen ultrasonic fingerprint technology. In addition to improving the user experience of consumers, it will also be equipped with its own global payment system to form a designed "maker" software, which will be promoted to the global market. As Samsung's payment software has been certified and recognized by many countries and regions in the global market, Samsung's off screen ultrasonic fingerprint technology will have a great impact on the industry in the global market

industry insiders also said that it is Samsung's self-developed off screen ultrasonic fingerprint technology that has made traditional biometric manufacturers such as Xinsi and FPC lose interest in continuing research and development in this area, and there are signs of selling their biometric departments to the outside world. Moreover, buyers are targeting domestic market enterprises, such as BOE, which is using the obsolete old panel line to develop sensor products

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