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The new policy of wind power support will be introduced soon. The opinions on promoting the healthy development of wind power industry formulated by the national energy administration has been submitted to the State Council and is pending approval. Oil leaks from the national energy pipeline system generally appear at the connections of buffer valves, oil return valves, oil delivery valves, oil pumps and pipelines, said Shi Lishan, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the Bureau, at the 2013 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference held on the 16th

it is understood that this new deal is expected to be issued within the year, and the support is comparable to photovoltaic. It will involve technology, management, policies, systems and other aspects. Specific policies are being formulated, including renewable energy quota management measures. Strive to basically solve the problem of wind abandonment and power limitation within 2 to 3 years

this unexpected policy benefit has been released in advance in the wind power market. While the relevant concept stocks in the capital market rose sharply, the industry that has experienced a two-year downward period also showed signs of recovery. The economic information daily learned that recently, the shipments of wind power enterprises have significantly improved, and the orders of some enterprises have surged, which is expected to continue into the fourth quarter. However, it cannot be ignored that it will take time for the industry to really hit the bottom and rebound

the operation rules and management system of China's existing power system do not adapt to it, and the planning of all kinds of power supply is lack of effective connection for reference: the technology and management level of wind power integration need to be improved, and the whole society has not reached a consensus on the concept of wind power replacing coal power. Wang Jun, director of the Department of new and renewable energy of the national energy administration, pointed out at the meeting that it is the existence of these problems that make the current phenomenon of wind power abandonment and curtailment more serious, which restricts the sustainable development of wind power

to solve the problem of wind curtailment, we must first strengthen the research and operation supervision in areas with serious power curtailment, and formulate targeted solutions. At the same time, strive to introduce and implement the quota system of renewable energy power. We are doing this work and strive to basically solve the problem of power rationing in two to three years. Wang Jun said. According to an insider, the measures for the administration of renewable energy power quotas have been discussed and revised for many times. The basic framework is to divide all provinces in the country into four categories, and each category of regions stipulates different compulsory consumption ratios of renewable energy. However, in terms of the specific ratio, there is no need to choose the channel address. There is still controversy. Other cross district power transmission and wind power heating have also been piloted, and specific policies will be introduced in the future

the wind power industry is particularly affected by the policy. Of course, we are also very clear about the structure of the favorable expectation of the policy. In the second half of the year, investor confidence began to recover, our orders also increased significantly, and the price also increased slightly. At the exhibition site, the head of Sinovel's domestic market sales said

we put forward the development goal of 200million kW in 2020. Now, there should be no big problem in achieving this goal. Shi Lishan estimated optimistically at the meeting. However, Tao Gang, vice chairman of Sinovel wind power, said in an interview with economic information daily on the sidelines of the exhibition that it is hard to say that it has completely recovered. Although the fan price has rebounded slightly, the vast majority of enterprises still do not make money except for material costs, labor costs, maintenance costs, etc. the current active shipment is mainly to digest inventory and balance income

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