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Genie in the new design language ® S ™

genie in the new design language ® S ™- 80 self propelled straight arm aerial work platform

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the full new design language launched by Guinness, the world's top brand of aerial work platform, has been applied to more and more product series. This time, genie s, a new design language ™- 80 self propelled straight arm aerial work platform is also used for struggle in the fifth youth; In the coming month, it will be officially offline in Changzhou factory of Terex aerial work platform division. Previously, the new Genie s was also offline ™ - 60 and Genie s ™ - 6. Strengthen scientific and technological innovation. 5. Self propelled straight arm aerial work platform. At the same time, the new design language will also be applied to Genie Z ™ - 62/40 self propelled curved arm aerial work platform

Genie s ™- The new design language of 80 self-propelled straight arm aerial work platform is mainly embodied in the chassis and shell. First, the edges of the chassis and shell are changed to black, which represents stability and reliability. The newly designed shell shape can reduce accidental impact, and the top design also helps to prevent debris and water deposition, prolong the service life of the shell, and make it more durable and beautiful. The unity of product design can make products stand out and more competitive. Not only that, as long as the downward convex edge on the shell is used strictly according to the instructions, the edge design is a unique "visual symbol" of Guinness

Guinness has always been committed to "leading customers to higher heights", so the symbolic color of Guinness is still "Guinness blue". At the same time, blue also represents trust, professionalism and stability. Guinness connects the brand logo through blue, highlighting the core function of "promotion". Gray represents the wheels and rims, and it can also increase the sense of art. Yellow represents the handle and important contact points

the new design language is quite artistic on the basis of intuition. It can not only help users easily identify the new products launched by Guinness, but also improve their confidence in the products, and not only pay attention to the VOC reliability that everyone has paid attention to. All design languages of Guinness are based on high-quality products and considerate services. The new design language strategy has not only pushed Guinness forward, but also won the trust of our customers

with the completion and opening of phase II plant, the Changzhou plant of Terex aerial work platform division can not only better meet the local market demand in China, but also support the Asian market and even the European and American markets. Guinness will continue to work steadily in the good industry situation, and continue to promote the rapid development of aerial work platforms with solid brand strength and good quality reputation

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