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The new curtain wall shines with the light of science and technology

this is because the pressure increases, which improves the injection speed and accelerates the filling process. On the one hand, due to the shear heating of the plastic melt, the melt temperature is increased and the activity resistance is reduced; On the other hand, it can also enter the pressure maintaining and feeding stage earlier when the melt temperature is still high and the activity resistance is small. The picture shows the workshop of Shenyang Yuanda Group

what outsiders see is the beauty of curtain wall architecture of Shenyang Yuanda Group. For example, the curtain walls of Beijing "Water Cube", Tianjin "water drop" and Shanghai WorldExpo Pavilion

in the eyes of experts, we believe it is the difficulty coefficient of curtain wall construction of Shenyang Yuanda Group. For example, the photoelectric curtain wall of Yuanda construction is a new type of building curtain wall that integrates the functions of light energy power generation, sound insulation, heat insulation, safety and decoration. It is a field that the industry rarely dares to touch

high difficulty, backed by high technology. Shenyang Yuanda Group has always adhered to the "three self" policy, namely: its own brand, its own core technology, its own market network. In order to continuously improve the business level of the R & D team, Yuanda Group spared no expense to hire experts from abroad to the company for business training, and regularly carry out relevant technical training; At the same time, it provides a lot of opportunities for technical personnel to receive foreign technical training and business learning. The company has trained a number of senior technical personnel with strong professional quality and both political integrity and ability. In response to the international financial crisis, Yuanda Group paid close attention to the implementation of "technology reserve", established a European design and Research Center in Switzerland, and timely proposed new measures for experts to "invest in technology and join". 22 authoritative experts of world-class curtain wall technology joined the broad R & D team

independent innovation helps to promote the upgrading of Yuanda Group's products, from low-end products to cutting-edge products, and the market expands from developing countries to developed countries. Relying on independent innovation to achieve a series of core technology breakthroughs, Shenyang Yuanda has won 18 Luban awards, becoming the industry leader, and the production and sales of building curtain walls have been leading the world for 8 consecutive years. The enterprise has also developed into a large multinational group company with diversified industries such as building curtain walls, elevator manufacturing, wind power generation and environmental engineering, and has realized the strategic transformation from labor-intensive to science and technology intensive enterprises

the deeper impact is that Yuanda Group leads industrial upgrading with technological innovation through the interaction between innovation and transformation. Recently, the invention patent "membrane curtain wall structure" of Yuanda Group won the 11th China Patent Excellence Award. This is a new energy-saving membrane curtain wall structure, which effectively solves the problems of complex installation process, waste of materials, poor appearance effect and difficulty in waterproof in the existing technology, significantly improves the lighting effect of the building, and reduces the material cost and construction cost. It is understood that finding the pulse of the future development of the industry, adapting to the low-carbon requirements, and vigorously developing "green building materials" and supporting equipment have become the current main direction of Yuanda Group. At present, in Tiexi District, Shenyang, the 40 square kilometer modern construction industrial park developed and constructed with Yuanda Group as the core has opened the prelude to the development of the new modern construction industry. The innovation platform of Yuanda Group has been expanded into the shared resources of the modern construction industry chain, The weighing method used by Shenyang Tiexi District to drive and attract other supporting industries is based on the weight changes of samples before and after the experiment. Today, I will introduce a plane nest spring fatigue test machine exhibition produced by Shandong Sida high tech

in the interview, he Xianwen, chief economist of Yuanda Group, introduced several remarkable achievements created by the group: the technical level of Yuanda curtain wall products is the highest in the world, the production and marketing scale is the largest, and elevator products are the most exported among Chinese national brands. "This year, the overall plan for the operation of Yuanda Group is: production and sales will reach 20billion yuan, investment will exceed 1.5 billion yuan, and tax payment will reach 600million yuan. The growth rates of the three indicators are 43%, 240% and 25% respectively."

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