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Dongguan New Deal promotes the healthy development of 100 billion LED industry

within the limit of no more than 25% of the current investment, Dongguan finance will give incentives; In addition, 70% of the actual interest paid during the investment period of the enterprise will be given a loan discount for a period of years. ● if the transformation of major achievements is within the backward limit of domestic carbon fiber production technology that does not exceed 25% of the current investment, Dongguan Municipal Finance will give incentives; In addition, 70% of the actual interest paid during the investment period of the enterprise will be given a loan discount for a period of years

● core technology research is supported by the municipal finance free of charge. In principle, the amount of funding does not exceed 25% of the total R & D investment of the project, and the funding for a single project is not less than 10million yuan in principle

● promote LED lighting, and the municipal finance will give a subsidy of 10% of the approved price of LED lamps

recently, the executive meeting of Dongguan municipal government deliberated and approved in principle the implementation measures of Dongguan for promoting the development of LED industry. Dongguan will strive to build a 100 billion yuan LED industry, cultivate and identify a number of innovative enterprises with core independent intellectual property rights, sustainable innovation ability and strong demonstration drive, and give a maximum reward of 1million yuan to innovative leading enterprises

song Jiacheng, chairman of Guangdong landsight Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., said happily to a few days ago: as a new enterprise entering the LED industry, we have been struggling for two years, and it is not easy to adhere to the present and survive. Now, the new policy of Dongguan municipal government gives people a boost, and we are looking forward to a bright future

low threshold brings barbaric growth

for a long time, the LED industry in Dongguan has always felt chaotic, and low threshold leads to barbaric growth in the LED industry

those who used to do decoration, saw the development prospects of LED, and immediately entered this field, or those who used to do plastic, also changed careers. Caochunlin, the boss of Dongguan Hongxi Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., said that those enterprises that have entered the industry D since the 21st century without careful consideration have no core technology of their own and can only do mid and downstream business in this industry

blind investment leads to vicious competition. For example, for an LED lamp, the chip imported from the United States costs 30 yuan, the power supply costs more than 10 yuan, the processing fee is 10 yuan, and the cost price is 50 yuan, so it is normal to sell 70 yuan, but some people sell 40 yuan, which surprised our insiders. Cao Chunlin believes that the LED industry in Dongguan is still in its infancy, and there are still many non-standard behaviors in the industry, which need the government to help enterprises improve and establish a fair, open and benign competition market environment

feel the sunshine of policy in Dongguan

song Jiacheng, chairman of Guangdong Landsea Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Landsea), did business in fire protection and security systems before. Seeing that this industry has development prospects, he wanted to join in the fun. After all, China claims to have a market of hundreds of billions of dollars, so he has nothing to worry about

in Dongguan, we feel the sunshine of the policy. Song Jiacheng said that the introduction of Dongguan led policy is a guide for led enterprises in product research and technology development. Song Jiacheng revealed that at present, Landsea has more than 100 patents and 12 invention patents. To make a way in the Red Sea, in addition to government support, it also depends on more creativity

the government must supervise the whereabouts of funds

Mo anda, an economics professor at Dongguan Institute of technology, said: Dongguan has a solid industrial foundation, and now is the critical period for the development of LED. The positive role of the government's support policies on industry development and market norms is self-evident

Lin Jiang, director of the finance and taxation department of Lingnan College of Sun Yat sen University and deputy director of the Hong Kong Macao Pearl River Delta Research Center, believes that in order to truly form an industrial scale, the Dongguan municipal government should first do a good job in an evaluation system. If the evaluation is not rigorous enough, some enterprises use deceptive means to cheat the support funds, and then they can't catch up. Secondly, we should also do a good job in the supervision of project establishment. After the money is given to enterprises, some enterprises will spend money indiscriminately. The government should do a good job in supervision to make the support funds used properly. If the money is given, we should also explain what requirements are in terms of output value, and sign an agreement. If the money fails to meet the requirements, it should be refunded

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