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Carmen, a Chilean wine environmental protection enterprise, changes light packaging

now the world is paying attention to environmental protection issues, and everyone hopes to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Among them, Carmen wine can be described as an environmental protection pioneer in Chile and even South America

Carmen, known as the star of South American wine, began to use light wine bottle packaging products, becoming the first wine environmental protection enterprise in Chile

nowadays, the world is paying attention to environmental protection. Everyone hopes to contribute to reducing carbon footprint, especially consumers and enterprises pay more attention to the harm brought by carbon footprint. In order to meet the needs of consumers for light and recyclable packaging products, wine enterprises have adopted environmentally friendly packaging. Among them, Carmen wine is an environmental pioneer in Chile and even South America. The winery has cooperated with the UK waste and resources action plan (wrap) wine agency to launch light glass bottle packaged wine

Carmen is a high-end wine in Chile. After changing light wine bottles this time, the average total volume of each bottle is reduced by 15%, from the original 17.28 ounces to 14.81 ounces. The annual total volume of wine transportation can be reduced by 343 tons, which greatly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the transportation process. Developed countries regard the amount of plastic used in cars as an important symbol to measure the level of car design and manufacturing, while saving transportation energy Production materials

Juan Pablo Ruiz, Carmen's U.S. market export manager, commented that market research shows that light grape wine bottle packaging will not affect consumer loyalty to the brand

at present, many countries led by Ireland pay special attention to ecological issues and protect the environment through a series of measures such as reducing packaging and garbage. Take the UK, the world's largest wine importer, as an example, consumes about 1billion bottles of wine (750ml bottle) every year, causing about 2.8 million tons of glass waste. After using light bottles, Carmen distillery is expected to reduce 1875 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which is equivalent to the exhaust emissions of 500 cars

note: Carmen winery in Chile was established in 1850, and Claro Group acquired the brand in 1897, positioning itself in the international high-end wine market. In 1992, a new vineyard was established to produce high-quality Chile and provide group statistical analysis function; Wine is exported all over the world. Now, Carmen wine is exported to more than 60 countries, with an annual export volume of more than 500000 cases. Carmen winery owns 1626 acres of vineyards in Alto Maipo, Casablanca and limar, the famous Cabernet Sauvignon producing areas in Chile

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