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New progress in China's high-end CNC machine tool technology

with the successful completion of the project of SZT, sample diameter: 10400mm60 double dragon gate mobile drilling and boring compound machining machine tool independently developed by Shandong Yixin Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China's high-end CNC machine tool technology has made new progress. Authoritative experts said that many key technical indicators of the project have reached the international advanced level, and some indicators have even reached the world leading level, which is a major breakthrough in the field of high-end CNC machine tools

The machine tool industry, especially the high-end CNC machine tool industry, is the foundation of the modern equipment manufacturing industry. Whether the machine tool industry is developed or not directly determines the development level of a country's equipment manufacturing industry. For a long time, because the core technology and key components are controlled by others and the innovation is weak, it has been the territory of international equipment manufacturing giants in the field of heavy equipment manufacturing, especially in the high-end machine tool market

the SZT double dragon gate mobile drilling and boring compound machining machine tool is one of the major special projects of national high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment science and technology in 2012. This project is praised by the industry as an aircraft carrier in the machinery manufacturing and processing industry. It mainly aims at the needs of drilling and milling processing technology of key components such as large marine low-speed diesel engine base, frame and cylinder block. It has the functions of turning, milling, drilling, grinding, boring and planing in machine tool processing, integrates a number of key technologies in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and has achieved breakthrough innovation in the performance and reliability design of the whole machine in 1971. As a high-precision heavy-duty machine tool, Luo Wen introduced that the machine tool can process huge parts with a length of 26 meters, a considerable contribution to net profit after sales, a width of 6.3 meters, a height of 4 meters, and a weight of 1000 tons, and integrates cutting-edge precision technology, which can meet the processing and manufacturing of ultra large equipment such as electric power, chemical industry, ships, submarines, ports and wharfs

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