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New data center Shanghai Bell creates efficient modern cloud services

news on August 12: at present, the provision of network resources still requires detailed technical planning, manual settings, and complex systems and processing processes to enable users to connect to the required computing and storage resources. In order to make cloud services more prosperous, Shanghai Bell launched SDN solutions to change the operation mode of the existing data center network from the source and create an open and programmable design concept based on the data center network

solve dynamic needs

for the needs of operators, Shanghai Bell launched a new solution, nuage Sdn. The solution absorbs the experience and lessons of building a large ip/mpls network, and promotes the formation of a simple and efficient core data center network, which is consistent with the widely used IP behavior; The thin waist model is used to expand the IP network, push intelligence to the edge, and separate the basic network and network services, so that both aspects can be innovated; Learn from the experience and lessons of designing mobile networks, optimize the huge user base, provide large-scale mobility and operation automation, and minimize costs and delays; By abstracting network functions from it and business logic, common it languages are introduced to program the underlying network

Nuage SDN can completely virtualize and automate the basic network of any data center network, turn it into an adaptive environment, and establish network services for thousands of tenants based on policies and application requirements

in a cloud service architecture using Shanghai Bell SDN solution, if the company administrator wants to create and deliver a new cloud service, he can use a clear and it friendly language to design the network service according to the needs of the application, and establish enterprise access and security policies

after the design of the network service is completed, the security policy or network parameters can be copied and changed many times; After the requirements and policies of the network service are defined, the connection can be instantiated

unrestricted virtual machine migration and on-demand automatic instantiation services can greatly improve the flexibility and efficiency of data center resources. In fact, this flexibility is the basic requirement of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

in order to ensure that each tenant using cloud infrastructure has complete visibility into the network and service resources they use, Shanghai Bell's solution provides scalable analysis functions: it can realize real-time monitoring of usage and performance; View control can be graded and reports can be provided according to CSP and tenant policies

improve system flexibility

with the SDN solution of Shanghai Bell, the scale and scope of data center network services can be expanded according to needs. Ethernet interconnection (L2 VPN) or IP interconnection (L3 VPN) services have been widely used in the secure interconnection of enterprise sites. If users want to keep some private databases and servers, they can also meet this demand by seamlessly integrating layer 2/3 VPN services

from scratch, Shanghai Bell SDN solution solves the development and operation problems of the IT world. The policy based framework and flexible fine-grained control access mechanism can directly match the existing security and operation modes of enterprises and meet the multi tenant operation environment. So that operators can provide these functions for many different groups of users on the basis of the network, and also help enterprises achieve the most efficient application delivery mode. At the same time, this scheme separates the evolution of computing and network technology, and allows multiple virtualization platforms. Therefore, most customers choose horizontal tensile testing machines to seamlessly interoperate in one network, so as to significantly reduce the risk of CSP and solve the disadvantages of being locked by suppliers

in addition, cloud service delivery needs to rely on a dynamic infrastructure that is always available and independent of operator technology and hardware. Using the open and abstract principles of SDN, Shanghai Bell separates the definition service and instantiation service, and separates the network service from the underlying server, data center network hardware and virtualized computing environment

different from the early attempts, in order to solve the network virtualization of data center and create an island network with limited network scale, Shanghai Bell has broken through the human-oriented boundaries of rack, cluster and data center. In terms of talent training, it can virtualize network resources within and between data centers. In addition, Shanghai Bell's solution can also be seamlessly connected with the enterprise's VPN to ensure the security of enterprise endpoints

building programmable networks

at present, many work on SDN is still in the research stage, and it is normal for standardization to lag behind product development. From the perspective of operators, although standards will promote the interconnection and interworking of networks, if the development of networks lags far behind the needs of businesses, it will also bring hidden costs. Based on competition considerations, current operators are more concerned about using SDN to reduce operation and maintenance costs and provide dynamic services

removing the constraints of the data center network is the core value of Shanghai Bell's SDN solution, and automation eliminates the delay of business establishment. For example, the portal structure corresponding to the single arm structure is loaded, and the intelligent virtual terminal and centralized network resource and application policy management system are distributed on the hypervisor layer; Eliminate the time required for VM creation and release in the virtual computing system, and support multi-user and location. The following describes the installation, debugging and maintenance of door and window corner strength testing machine: the scale solution to ensure a seamless and powerful cloud

in just over a year since its launch, nuage SDN has served more than 30 pilot and commercial projects, including Fortune 500 enterprises, leading cloud service provider numergy, operators such as TELUS and NTT communications, infrastructure providers IDC frontier and evonet, and medical and health institutions UPMC

in China, Shanghai Bell SDN has served a large data center located in Inner Mongolia, which makes full use of the automation provided by nuage SDN and its support for large-scale data centers

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arang, nuage networks is still gaining recognition in the industry. The company recently won the SDN outstanding award issued by TMC; It was rated as the best leadership company by iAir for global economy and sustainable development; Awarded the annual Innovation Award by telecom Asia data center; At the same time, it was awarded the best enterprise sdn solution by cloud innovation awards. In addition, nuage networks was listed as the SDN solution provider of light reading top 10 operators, and was selected by stratecast as the company that should be focused on in 2014

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