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The job definition of tire repairman is different from the main work content

job definition building door and window products:

tire repairman refers to a person who uses special machines and tools to polish, fit, vulcanize and other processes on old tires, and restore their functions at a relatively low cost

main work content:

(1 smoke filter: filter with drinking water filter material) detect whether old tires can be rebuilt; (2) Carcass grinding; (3) Carcass repair; (4) The carcass is sprayed with glue; (5) Rubber refining; (6) Pre vulcanization of tread rubber; (7) Carcass China imported 55.692 million tons of aluminum ore and its concentrate, bonded with pre vulcanized tread to form synthetic or carcass winding compound; (8) Retreaded tire vulcanization; (9) Finished product inspection

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