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Woodworking handsaw, which is praised by all over the world, and the hero behind the carpenter who silently assists, said woodworking. I believe that the first scene that emerges is the carpenter sawing wood; When it comes to carpentry, I believe you not only appreciate its handicrafts, but also admire its exquisite craftsmanship. What else can you think of when it comes to carpentry? That's right. In fact, in addition to the carpenter's exquisite craftsmanship, we need to think of the hero behind him who silently assists him. Usually, the brightness change is not more than 1.5 - Carpenters must use hand saws. Let's popularize them today. What are the charm points of these hand saws, which are praised by all the world -

what is a hand saw

the hand saw was invented by Luban, the ancestor of woodworking. The oldest woodworking hand saw usually has a Japanese shape. By adjusting the tightness of the screws on the opposite side of the saw blade for the second experiment, the saw blade is straightened for convenient operation. After continuous improvement, it is becoming smaller and smaller, and there are more varieties, such as hacksaw and straight saw. Hand saw is a hand tool for cutting, which is also one of the commonly used tools for carpentry in the construction site

handsaw can accurately measure the physical properties of various materials. The structure of data:

handsaw is composed of saw bow and saw blade. The saw bow is used to install the saw blade. It has two types: adjustable and fixed. The fixed saw bow can only be installed with one length of saw blade, and more than 1400 sets of energy-saving intelligent injection machines can be produced and sold. The adjustable saw bow can be installed with several lengths of saw blades through adjustment, and the shape of the saw handle of the adjustable saw bow is convenient for force. So it is now widely used

detail advantages of handsaw:

1 It is made of manganese steel, grinded on three sides and exposed to high-frequency fire

2. The sawtooth is tapered by CNC machine tool, which is sharp and efficient

3. Plastic covered handle, comfortable grip

how to use the handsaw:

handsaw holding method, sawing posture, pressure speed

(1) holding method: hold the saw handle fully with your right hand and gently hold the front end of the saw bow with your left hand

(2) posture: the standing position and body swing posture during sawing are basically similar to filing, and the swing should be natural

(3) pressure: when sawing, the thrust and pressure are controlled by the right hand, and the left hand mainly cooperates with the right hand to straighten the saw bow. The pressure should not be too large. When the hand saw is pushed out, pressure is applied to the cutting stroke, and the return stroke is pulled back naturally without cutting or pressure. The pressure should be small when the workpiece is about to break

(4) motion and speed: sawing motion generally adopts small amplitude up and down swing motion. That is, when the handsaw is pushed forward, the body slightly leans forward, and the left hand tilts up and the right hand presses down as the hands press against the handsaw; On the return trip, lift your right hand up and naturally follow your left hand. Straight sawing is required for the bottom surface of the sawing seam, and linear motion must be adopted. The speed of sawing movement is generally about 44 times/minute. Sawing hard materials is slower and sawing soft materials is faster. At the same time, the sawing stroke should be kept uniform and the speed of return stroke should be relatively faster

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