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Evaluation on the use of the new speedometer D500 double lens high-definition night vision speed measuring all-in-one machine

in addition, the hot-selling speedometer recommended by the new speedometer: the new speedometer double lens high-definition night vision speed measuring electronic dog panoramic navigation reversing all-in-one machine, 8-inch 3-recording low light night vision 1296p ADAS, collected and used the owner's friend's evaluation as follows, for the reference and comparison of friends who need it

I. how about the new Speedo dash cam D500? Is it easy to use

experience of one month's trial:

(1) let's talk about the sincere feeling after a period of time. The quality is really good. The screen is large and full screen. My colleagues bought only half of the screen videos. I think it's still me. The screen is large. After using it for a few days, I think the screen is clear enough, and the rear camera is also clear, The effect of using it at night is good. Anyway, it's really good for me, a novice driver. I'm telling the truth

(2) very good, much cheaper than physical stores. The screen is large, very clear during the day, and it is also good to have light clarity at night. The car comes with reversing 1 Add shims in the fixture; Image, so the rear lens is not installed. The front camera will be installed in ten minutes

feel after trying for a period of time: Please Click to view the detailed evaluation comments

II Configuration parameters of Jiedu new dash cam D500 [

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Product Name: jado/Jiedu D500

main lens aperture: f1.8

brand: jado/Jiedu

model: D500

package: official standard package one package two packages three packages four packages five packages six packages seven packages eight

installation type: rear view should be based on the specific situation mirror

image resolution: 1296p

camera pixels: 5million

camera pixels: 5million


view angle: 140 °

running memory: 1GB

mirror Head number: double lens

color classification: Black

screen size: 8 inches

function: night vision enhancement night vision fill light cycle video inspection

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