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Tianjin users who hold the "magic weapon" teach you how to dominate the transportation market

there is a well-known advertising slogan called "see the curative effect without advertising". In fact, this sentence is very suitable for commercial car circles. As we all know, the domestic commercial vehicle market is a consumer market that attaches importance to word-of-mouth. No matter how good the advertisement is, it is not as effective as word-of-mouth

recently, commercial automobile visited the Tianjin truck market and found that users here have a special preference for France because it has brought real economic benefits to users

fast transmission has been highly recognized by Tianjin users

demand proof everything

according to zijiansheng, general manager of Tianjin Tony Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., fast's reputation is praised by users in the market. Because of this, whether it is equipped with fast transmission has become an important indicator for most users to consider when choosing a vehicle

is this really what drives the axis of the photoelectric encoder to change? I came to another dealer, Tianjin Tonghao Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., and its sales manager Lu Zhenghui also expressed the same view to me

"the 6.8-meter model we sell is divided into multiple configurations. In terms of sales volume, the model equipped with fast 8-speed transmission is obviously favored by users, and its sales volume is much higher than that of other configurations." Lu Zhenghui said

I learned that the dealer said that the model of fast 8-speed transmission is 8js75c, which has the characteristics of large transmission range, high efficiency, reliable quality and so on. It can easily meet the driving needs under complex working conditions, and shift smoothly, giving users a more comfortable driving experience

Wu Yubao, a truck user who just finished picking up his new car in Tianjin Tonghao Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., told him that he had been engaged in the transportation industry for many years and that many vehicles had been replaced. He was deeply impressed by the operating feel and product quality of the fast transmission. In addition, with the strong recommendation of his friends around him, he almost without thinking about buying a model equipped with fast transmission again

"I believe in the recommendation of my friends and my own choice. Fast transmission can not only improve the quality of the vehicle, but also make me confident during transportation." Wu Zhenghui said

reliable quality

Wu Zhenghui is mainly engaged in medium and long-distance mechanical transportation. He often travels between Tianjin and Jiangsu to enhance the supply capacity of basic organic chemical raw materials such as "3 olefins", "3 benzene", ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, styrene, propylene oxide, etc. because the freight rate of Mechanical transportation is low, it is very important to choose a vehicle with both power and economy

"when I bought the car, I chose the 'golden power' combination of Cummins + fast, in order to minimize fuel consumption and save costs during transportation." Wu Zhenghui said, "at present, I am very satisfied with the fuel consumption performance of the vehicle. Given that it is a new car, the fuel consumption will definitely be lower after the running in period."

learned that there are not a few users like Master Wu who choose fast transmission to save costs. Among them, there are both medium and long-distance transportation users and short-distance transportation users

Wang Jianming, a truck user also from Tianjin, is mainly engaged in less than carload transportation around Tianjin. According to him, since he first came into contact with fast transmission in 2009, he has a 15.70% trust in this brand. Fast transmission is able to transmit power and reduce fuel consumption

"when I changed the car last year, I resolutely chose the car equipped with fast transmission. Because the car has eight gears, it can easily maintain the power output within the economic speed range, which is very helpful to save fuel." Wang Jianming said

it is understood that in addition to providing efficient power transmission and considerable fuel economy for vehicles, the reliability and stability of fastex transmission are more talked about by users

there will be no harm without comparison. Wu Zhenghui told commercial vehicles that in the past, the failure of the vehicle transmission system often made him anxious during transportation. There has been no similar situation since we came into contact with fastex products in 2011

"In 2011, with the recommendation of my friends, I bought a vehicle equipped with fast 7-speed transmission. Until the beginning of this year, this vehicle has been with me for six years. During the transportation of nearly 900000 kilometers in these six years, the vehicle transmission has not experienced any failure. It can be said that the reliability of fast transmission makes me become its loyal user for no reason. I believe that the 8-speed transmission selected this time is still stable and reliable in this regard. ”Wu Zhenghui said

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