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Knowledge of liquid ammonia leakage alarm

liquid ammonia leakage alarm (fixed ammonia detector/nh3 tester) is used for the detection of volatile gas of liquid ammonia. Fixed ammonia detector is mainly composed of alarm control host and ammonia detection probe. The alarm control host has switch output and optional communication interface, which can be externally connected with audible and visual alarm or start control equipment, and can also communicate with the upper computer

the alarm control host can receive the signal of the detection probe. When the measured value reaches the set alarm value, the control host will send out audible and visual alarms, and output the control signal (switch value contact output) at the same time, prompting the operator to take safety measures in time, or automatically start the control equipment connected in advance, so as to ensure safe production. The stacking error between JH series pressure bar and the centerline of the length direction of the test piece shall not be greater than 1 mm, and the stacking error on both sides σ The value difference shall not be greater than 1 mm. The alarm host is suitable for various industrial alarm control. It is wall mounted, with simple installation, convenient operation, stable working state and high measurement accuracy. Electric welding machine

I. alarm control host function and parameters

receive standard signal: Ma, two-wire or three wire probe can provide 24V power supply for the probe

the host with four channel numbers of 1,2,4 and 8 can be selected: each channel is connected with a probe, and the number of channels is stated when ordering

alarm points and all parameters can be set by pressing the key

each channel has two alarm outputs; Switching value passive contact output 220VAC, 2a

can set low limit, high limit secondary alarm, or upper limit, lower limit alarm, with time-delay alarm function (some models)

the host can correct the data of the detection probe and remotely adjust the zero point

optional rs485/232 communication function is required by product R & D, and real-time monitoring and communication are carried out

working voltage 220V ac

temperature range: 0~70 ℃

humidity range: 10~90% RH (non condensing)

fine reduction of packaging materials: 0.2% F.S (single channel: 0.5% F.S)

installation method: wall mounted installation

weight: about 1.2 kg (single/double channel) overall dimension: 200x200x80m electric swing, impact M

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