Kobe Steel releases the world's fastest tire testi

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Kobe Steel released the "world's fastest" tire testing machine

Tokyo - Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. released the librota GS tire testing machine, and said that the system has - senior Department Manager "the world's fastest cycle speed, each tire takes only 18 seconds, and the world's highest precision repeated measurement accuracy." At the top is a movable horizontal beam

this testing machine is used for the final inspection and quality inspection of the manufacturing process of passenger car tyres and truck tyres, and to check the uniformity, radial runout and other properties of tyres

in the field of tire uniformity machinery, Kobe Steel has been regarded as the world's top manufacturer by the industry, and accounts for 30% of the global market share

Kobe Steel announced that it plans to put the new testing machine on the markets of North America, Europe and other countries and regions. Librota GS is an enhanced and improved version of its predecessor librota, which was launched in 2013

Kobe Steel said that on the basis of the predecessor librota, the single lap speed of librota GS was reduced from 20 seconds to 18 seconds. Because the measuring system of the experimental machine can automatically collect data and automatically process data, you can work with confidence. Including equipped with "newly developed control system and optimized test conditions." Compared with traditional tire homogenizing machine, librota GS tire testing machine can improve tire productivity by 10%

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