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Knowledge of needle printer and ribbon (this can better operate the universal tensile testing machine III)

2) ink

of course, ink is also very important. Good ink particles are very small, will not block the pinholes, has good fluidity, pH value is very uniform, has strong adsorption when inking, good moisture retention, durability and slow color transition when printing. Good ink is organic, non-toxic, will not corrode, has no peculiar smell, does not stick after dyeing, and is easy to dry. Bad ink particles are large, sticky, sticky, and can't be dried after dyeing the tape. The produced tapes stick badly, which is easy to block the pinhole during printing, so that the needle can't stretch flexibly, so it will break the needle

when choosing, we should know that the ink of the ribbon should be moderate. Too much or too little will affect the printing effect. High quality ribbon inks are degreased. When you touch them with your hands, there will be no obvious ink marks on your fingers. The ink printing process of this ink is also very uniform, and there is no obvious difference between the front and back printing effects. Some of the inferior inks we see feel greasy when touching with your hand, and your fingers are full of ink traces. It seems that the ink is sufficient, but there will be a phenomenon of heavy color when printing, that is to say, touching the printing paper with your hand will blur it. Poor quality ink will not only cause poor printing effect, but also it can enter the needle seam of the print head along the guide hole of the print head and solidify, blocking the print needle, causing the printer to fail to print normally. In serious cases, it may also cause serious faults such as increased resistance of the print head to output the needle, breaking the print needle, crushing the parallel groove of the print needle, burning the print head drive chip or ribbon motor, etc

3) interface

we know that the interface of a good ribbon is flat, thin and narrow, the error is relatively small, the degree of hardening is very light, and there is no pin hanging when printing; The interface has high strength and strong tensile resistance. Bad ribbon interface is wide and long, hard and serious, easy to hang the needle, and the needle is easy to break at this point

the basic requirements for the ribbon joint weld are as follows: the welding angle should be greater than 30 degrees, the connection at the joint should be smooth, there should be no obvious joint mark or bulge, and it can maintain the raw fiber characteristics of the tape base and absorb the ink normally and evenly. The welds of high-quality ribbon are welded by ultrasonic welding machine, which can effectively ensure the quality of joints. However, the welds welded by simple hot-melt or hot pressing methods destroy the fiber properties of the tape base to varying degrees, resulting in obvious protruding double-layer joints at the welds, and the interface is very uneven. This kind of ribbon often makes the print pin unable to return in time, resulting in serious wear, damage or even fracture of the print pin. Therefore, when choosing color bands, carefully observe the joint welds

basic knowledge of ribbon use

we will encounter one or another problems in the process of using ribbon. Here is a summary of your daily use of ribbon

1. Replace the ribbon by yourself

in fact, it is not too difficult to replace the printing ribbon by yourself, but the ribbon frame structures of different types of needle printers are different. Fortunately, their ribbon operation principles are similar. Now we take the commonly used lq1600 as an example: first, open the upper cover of the printer, and you will see a black box (usually black) shaped like a clip, We call it a print rack, and the empty part in the middle of it is the print head. Remove the print rack, and pay attention to pull it up from the end close to the print head when disassembling, so that the print rack can be easily removed. Then you can open the print rack. Because the structure of the print rack of different types of printers is different, and its ribbon winding method is slightly different, you must observe the winding method of the original ribbon, otherwise the ribbon is likely to fail to rotate normally, resulting in printing failure. It should be noted that the two gears in the print rack should be clamped with the color belt and should be parallel to them, otherwise the color (3) medical raw material belt will shift with the rotation of the gear, and finally the gear will not rotate if it is stuck. After the ribbon is installed, install the print rack back to its original position, and the procedure of replacing the ribbon can be completed

2. A good way to extend the color band of needle printing

in fact, as just mentioned, the color band is the main consumables of needle printers. Is there any way to extend the life of the color band in daily use? The answer is yes. Now take printer ar3200 as an example to introduce several ways to save color bands. Of course, other printers can be used for reference

1) prepare two printing ribbon boxes, print the formal manuscript with the darker (New) ribbon, and print the informal manuscript or wax paper with the lighter (used, but the tape base must be intact, otherwise it will damage the needle)

2) fix two small pieces of foam with transparent tape at the outlet of the ribbon in the ribbon box, clip the ribbon between the two foam, and let the foam absorb some printing ink with better quality at the same time, which can bring confidence to the extruder enterprises, keep the ribbon moist, and prolong the use time of the ribbon

3) use two pieces of foam with high-quality printing ink to clamp a section of ribbon exposed at the front end of the ribbon box, gently rotate the ribbon shaft, and add the ribbon that has been used for a period of time (the tape base is intact) after welding. Hydraulic test shall be carried out according to the provisions of the table; If all the circumference of the butt welding joint has been examined by ultrasonic or radiographic examination, and the quality is good, some ink (the whole ribbon should be added, otherwise the color depth is different when printing), then open the ribbon box and let the ribbon with ink dry (or add a small amount of gasoline in the ink) and use it. First try to print a few pages of informal manuscript to make the ink evenly distributed. Then print the official draft

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